Benefit of Home With Wooden Floor for Health

benefit of wooden floor
Wooden floor have plus point for our health better than others floor. Beside that wooden floor make our home more look antique.

Below is some of benefit if we use wooden as floor in the home:

1. Wooden floor can give temperature balance in the home

Wooden floor can give cool effect when weather is hot, especially if combine with good ventilation. And then can give warm effect when weather is cold. It’s very good for you if you don’t like air from air conditioner.

2. Wooden floor is not slippery

Wooden floor is suitable for home with baby or elderly, because not slippery. And then if we falling to wooden floor, we not get seriously injury because surface of wooden floor is more soft.

3. Wooden floor give natural effect to home

We all know if wooden floor can give natural effect in your home, give relaxation effect, close to the earth, make you like stay in your home

4. Surface of wooden floor is not cold

Wooden floor is good for people with rheumatic disease where can't get cold because surface of wooden floor is warm.

Okay, that is some benefit if you use wooden floor for your home. I hope helpfull.

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